The Online LPN To RN Program At Northwest Technical College

Being a Licensed Practical Nurse is a great job, but if you want to further your nursing career then you need to improve your qualifications, and one great way of doing that is to do a LPN to RN program, which will let you become a qualified Registered Nurse with a far better salary and huge career prospects.

When considering this option, remember to look at all alternatives, including an online LPN to RN program like the one offered at Northwest Technical College.  Do thorough research on the Internet and see what is on offer, but make sure that whichever institution you choose, it must be an accredited institution otherwise you will be wasting your time and money as you cannot register without an accredited qualification.

This review will give you some insight into what you can expect from a reputable institution such as Northwest Technical College’s online LPN to RN program. This way you can see what Northwest has to offer and what you should look for in any other program.  Once you have done your research you will be able to make a decision as to which program will best suit your circumstances.Northwest Technical College Review

College Information

In the early sixties, Bemidji High Schoolteacher, Jake Outwin, realized that a workforce with the practical skills and knowledge needed for professional opportunities was needed in the area. He led an effort, with the support of the state of Minnesota and the local community to establish the Bemidji Area Vocational Technical Institute in 1965. This was a two-year college which initially only had two programs, automotive mechanics and carpentry.

Since then the college has evolved and gone through a few name-changes. They introduced new programs in child development, business, medical, and other technological fields, in order to satisfy the ever-changing needs of its learners, the state and the nation. In order to ensure that their students only received the best in education, the college employed resourceful and creative professionals with incredible talent and a dedication to educating.

Slowly but surely the profile of the students attending NTC changed from young white males to a diverse population of men and women of various ages, ethnicity and nationalities. So NTC was transformed into a modern learning environment, where students are given a professional technological knowledge base that is leagues better than what they would get from many other similar institutions.

The Northwest Technical College is famous for its adoption of the American Indian spirit and legacy of respect for tradition and the natural world. NTC is the only college that has added this unique dimension to its programs that is specific to the American Indian and of such importance to the future of the U.S. commerce and culture. NTC also has a satellite campus that is part of the Red Lake Indian Nation community.

NTC is in partnership with Bemidji State University, which extends unique four-year university resources to the NTC community. This is the only partnership of its kind. Northwest believes in integrating the value of work with the educational experience, thereby developing resourceful lifelong learners with the knowledge, skills and attitude that enable them to secure careers that are extremely rewarding and lives that are ultimately satisfying in the technological, diverse global society of today.

Northwest Technical College is guided by a commitment to excellence through education with a global focus, thereby becoming the premiere technical college in Minnesota. Their curriculum and culture helps to instill an appreciation of self and others and is a life-enhancing experience for all.

Northwest Technical College

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Mary Chernugal
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Program Information

The LPN to RN program is also known as the AS in Nursing (ASN) program, and is what is known as a “mobility program” in that it allows the LPN to advance knowledge and skills for licensure and practice as an RN. The program is approved by the MnSCU system and Minnesota Board of Nursing.

Students will receive supervised learning experience in caring for patients in a various health care settings, such as hospitals, physician clinic settings, or long term care facilities and more. All required courses must be successfully completed in order to obtain the AAS degree.

Upon successful completion of the online LPN to RN program, graduates may apply to take the NCLEX-RN exam. Once they have passed this examination they can register and practice as a Registered Nurse. NTC has an agreement with the nursing program at Bemidji State University whereby graduates who so wish may continue their educational advancement through the Baccalaureate Degree completion program.

Admission Information

Admission to the online LPN to RN program is achieved via a competitive admission process. Each application is afforded a number based on a 23-point scoring rubric. Applicants with the top rubric scores are admitted to the program. You can find out more about this on the NTC website.

Program Requirements

In order to complete an online program of study you need to be very confident that you have what it takes, because it is not easy for everyone to study on their own without the benefit and discipline of a classroom scenario. If you are self-disciplined though, this is the best format for you to study for your LPN to RN as it allows you to continue working and study at your own pace and at the hours that suit you.

NTC offers great support and interaction for their online students. They offer free tutoring services to assist you to refine your writing and communication skills and boost your math skills and study skills. You will have access to all the resources that you need in order to make your online study experience a happy one.

As with all online programs, you will need to have certain computer skills and a laptop with the following specifications:

  • Hardware
    • A laptop with at least 4 GB of memory
  • Software
    • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
    • Microsoft Office 2010

You can purchase Microsoft® Office 2010 Professional from the campus bookstore for $25.00 if needs be, and if you are worried about the financial implication, it can be charged to your financial aid.

Virus Protection

All students doing online program must ensure that they have current and active virus protection installed while making use of the College’s network. Virus protection can be supplied by NTC at no cost, if necessary.

Warranty: Students are strongly encouraged to purchase a two year warranty; or longer.

Jump Drive
These are highly recommended so that you can back-up any data and not stand the chance of losing important work should your laptop have problems.

Admission Requirements

In order to enroll for the online LPN to RN Program there are certain documents and qualifications that you need to submit and without which you will not gain admission to the program.

The NTC admission requirements for AS Nursing Majors, including LPN to RN are:

General college requirements:

  • Your GED or official high school transcript
  • Immunization forms
  • Assessment or assessment waiver
  • Official transcripts from all previous colleges you attended


Assessment in math is required, but is waived in reading and writing for ASN applicants. Waivers may be granted in some cases.

Official transcript evidencing graduation:

From a state approved diploma or AASPN program from a regionally accredited university or college within the last two years; alternatively a letter from your employer verifying the equivalent of six months of full-time employment as an LPN in good standing.

Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher:

The GPA will be calculated using combined cumulative GPA from all previous post-secondary education. Applicants who are on academic suspension or probation will not be considered for admission.

Chemistry with a lab:

One semester of college chemistry with a minimum of 3 credits and a grade of C or higher.

Anatomy and Physiology:

Must have been done within the past seven years OR you must have done at least one refresher course such as Anatomy, Physiology II or Advanced Physiology within the past seven years.

Apart from the above you will also be required to submit additional documentation upon admittance to the online LPN to RN Program:

  • The Consent to Disclose/Allied Health Division Student Data form must be completed and on file.
  • You need to have an unencumbered LPN licensure upon acceptance.
  • Background study completion: this must be done upon program entry and annually thereafter. Evidence of your “clearance”, or approval to provide healthcare must be on file prior to any clinical courses being undertaken.
  • You must have current CPR Certification – either the American Red Cross CPR for Professional Rescuers or the American Heart Association CPR for Healthcare Providers. This certification must be kept current throughout the program.

The AS Nursing program at Northwest Technical College has a “competitive admission process” which you should read on the website prior to applying for admission into the program.

Plan Of Study

The AS Nursing degree requires 64 total credits.

In order to complete your online LPN to RN qualification you will need to do a number of courses. The following is a list of the subjects that you will need to complete in order to attain your RN degree:


  • BIOL 2221: Microbiology
  • BIOL 2252: Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BIOL 2254: Anatomy & Physiology II
  • CHEM 1100: Intro to Chemistry
  • ENGL 1111: College Writing I
  • PSYC 2201: Developmental Psychology

Advanced Standing – Tuition Exempt

  • RNSG 2100: LPN Advanced Standing

Required Program Courses

  • BIOL 2256: Advanced Physiology
  • RNSG 2234: Transition to Professional Nursing
  • RNSG 2238: Advanced Skills
  • RNSG 2258: Health Assessment Across the Lifespan
  • RNSG 2260: Nursing I
  • RNSG 2262: Clinical I
  • RNSG 2266: Psychosocial/Mental Health
  • RNSG 2270: Nursing II
  • RNSG 2274: Clinical II
  • SPCH 1120: Interpersonal Communications

Select one from the following options:

  • MATH 1110: College Algebra, or
  • MATH 1930: Introduction to Mathematical Sciences, or
  • ANTH 1110: Cultural Anthropology, or
  • PHIL 1201: Ethics, or
  • PHIL 2210: Bioethical Issues in Contemporary Society
  • General Education Electives


Tuition is a very important aspect of any program, and it is necessary that you know what you are letting yourself in for before you enroll in a program. That being said, do not let the cost of the course be your only yardstick by which you select or discard a college or university. Sometimes excellent institutions do not charge that much considering, and other times those institutions whose programs are not that great charge exorbitant fees purely on reputation.

At NTC, various fees are assessed to learners depending on their enrolment status, services offered and courses. The following is a list of fees that may be assessed. Your course prerequisite list will denote any fees that are unique to that program. You can get a fee schedule from the campus business office for the current academic year.

The following fees are what you will pay:

Application Fee$20.00 one time
Tuition (both resident and non-resident)$168.00 per credit
Tuition - Practical Nursing$179.50 per credit
Tuition - Nursing$179.50 per credit
Tuition - Distance$199.00 per credit
Late Fee$50.00
Learner Activity Fee$1.33 per credit
Learner Association Fee$.31 per credit
Parking Fee$53.69 annual
Professional Liability Ins Fee$10.85 /learner / year
Test Out Fee$25.00 per lecture credit
$50 per lab credit
Senior Citizen Fee 62+$12.00 per credit
C.N.A. Testing Fee$150.00 per learner
Transcript Fee$1.00 per semester

Loans And Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded on a merit basis, and if you have top marks then you could be eligible for one. Scholarships do not need to be repaid, but you may have to maintain a certain grade average. For more information regarding scholarships you can look on the NTC website.

You can also personally request information from:

Sue Ludwig

Phone: (218) 333-6647


Federal grants are awarded on the basis of financial need, and do not need to be repaid. In order to apply for financial aid you will need to complete and submit a free FAFSA form. Be sure to get your application in early or you may miss out on aid that you are eligible for, because of the vast amount of applications for federal aid.

For more information:

Financial Aid
Office: 122, 126
Phone: (218) 333-6649
Fax: (218) 333-6698

There are also government-subsidized loans available which you only need repay a part of.


Northwest Technical College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission:

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400


Phone: (312) 263-0456