How to Write an LPN Resume

LPN Cover Letter

Once you have qualified as an LPN it will then be time for you to write your LPN resume in order to start finding a job. This is a very important thing to do, and if you want to get a good job quickly then you will need to write the best resume possible. This article will provide you with LPN resume samples and tips about how to go about writing your LPN resume.

Steps for Writing an LPN Resume

You should be able to follow these steps to help you write an LPN resume that is specific to you and your qualifications. There are a number of things you need to keep in mind when writing a resume. They are:

  • Target Audience: Who will be reading your resume when you send it our? Remember that different jobs will have different people reading your resume. You should write your resume with each specific target audience in mind. It will not look good if you send out the same regurgitated resume to all of the LPN jobs that you are applying for. Personalize it to suit the target audience that will be reading it. The point of a resume is to persuade a prospective employer to hire you. This means that you need to know as much as possible about that employer so that you can write a resume that will appeal to them.
  • Cover Letter: One of the most important aspects of your LPN resume is the LPN cover letter that you will have to include. The cover letter is a brief expose of your skills and who you are. In a way it is like a sneak preview of the rest of your resume and should therefore be written very carefully. Don’t simply repeat your resume in your LPN cover letter. It should be brief and to the point. Generally speaking LPN cover letters are no more than 1 page long.
  • Format: There are two basic formats that you can use when writing an LPN resume. The first is a functional resume. A functional resume is one that focuses on your past accomplishments. This is the resume style that is best suited for LPNs that already have work experience. The second is a chronological format. In a chronological format you simply list your education and experience chronologically starting with your most recent education and work experience and working back from there. This format of LPN resume is much better for new graduates or for LPNs who have not yet had a lot of experience. You should be able to find an LPN resume sample for each of these types of resumes online.
  • Organization:Next is the organization of the resume. In the LPN resume sample below you will see that each of the following steps are carefully adhered to when writing the LPN resume:
  • Contact information: make sure that you write your full name, your address, your phone number, and your email address at the top of your LPN resume.
  • The next step is to write a career objective. This should be short and concise and basically consists of a summary in one or two sentences about what you are looking for. In the example below the career objective is “Seeking a position as a LPN in a healthcare environment” which gives a clear indication of what kind of job the applicant is hoping to get. However this objective is very average and you would do better to tailor your resume objective to suit the employer you are applying at. For example you could read the mission statement of the healthcare organization where you want to work and incorporate those ideas into your objective statement. This has proven to be a very effective way to get a job.

LPN ResumeNow comes the list of your skills and your previous jobs. Let’s assume that you are a new applicant in the field and you are therefore writing a chronological resume. This means that you will start off with a list of the skills that you have written in a short and concise way. There are a large number of skills that you would have picked up in your LPN training, so don’t be shy to include them. The skills that you would have picked up include team work skills, communications skills, knowing how to take orders, nursing skills, observational skills, teaching skills, first aid skills, assessment skills, decision making skills, and assessment, documentation and reporting skills. There are also a number of other skills that you may already have or that your particular program taught you. Include them all, but keep them brief. If you have to leave out skills due to lack of space (remember that most resumes are not longer than one page), leave out those that are least related to the job that you are applying for. Then write down any experience you have working as an LPN.

The next information you should include is your education. As a new applicant this is the most important part. Make sure that you include the name of the state where you studies as well as the universities name. Include the dates of your study and if you received any distinctions or awards at your LPN school, include them as well. Your LPN school should be the first item on your list as you are working backwards in time. After that include all previous education including high school qualifications. Make sure that you list all licenses and certificates that you earned as well as references for your employer to contact. When it comes to references it may be better for you to simply write “References available on request”, like in the LPN resume sample below.

LPN Resume Samples

Here is an LPN resume sample

Susan Baker
262, N Broad Street
New Orleans, LA
Phone: (911) 554284

Objective: Seeking a position as a LPN in a healthcare environment.

Summary of Skills:
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Experienced with providing quality patient care
Fluent in German and Spanish


ABC Hospital, Gretna, LA 2008 to present
Administered oral medications and injections
Maintain a record of medical intake and patients’ health
Skilled at Tracheotomy Care, Intravenous and oxygen therapy
Supervised and train 05 nursing assistants in various areas of patient care

XYZ Hospital, Harvey, LA 2006-2007
Coordinated with physicians regarding implementation of medication and treatment plans
Instructed patients regarding preventive care and health management
Responsible for performing diagnostic treatment and preliminary tests


St. Xavier College, Terrytown, LA, 2005
Licensed Practical Nurse Program
Certified Licensed Practical Nurse, 2004
New Orleans State University

Memberships & Affiliations:
Member of American Society of Licensed practical nurses (2005 to present)
References available upon request
Let’s have a look at the structure of this resume in more detail. A basic LPN resume will have the following (

LPN Resume Template – Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Example

Last Name, First Name
Address, Zip
Phone No., Mobile, Fax, Email Address
Sample LPN Resume Objective Statement

To obtain a position as a Licensed Practical Nurse where I can reach top nursing care performance utilizing advance nursing practices, medical methods and techniques

Professional Experience

[Company details], [Location] 2009– present

Core Responsibilities
Provided professional care to patients of the Medical/Surgical center – Delivered skilled nursing care in routine/stressful period, at the highest standards of excellence.
Reviewed physical needs, monitored patients physical condition, administered approved medications and arranged medical appointments according to assigned standards of medical care
Monitored vital changes in patient conditions including vital sign/tests assessment
Documented and recorded patients’ health status and nursing care.
Experienced in psychiatric and mental health nursing
Participated in inter-disciplinary nursing team meetings to improve policies/procedures and to follow safe practices.

LPN Nurse Skills and Competencies

Knowledge of nursing practices, medical methods and techniques
Knowledge of local medical care regulations
Organized and multi tasking – Ability to handle multiple priorities
Competent in time management skills
Possess verbal and written effective communication skills
Good judgment, decision making and problem solving skills
Computer skills – MS Office (Windows, Excel and Outlook)
Quick learner – ability to learn new nursing methods, equipment and applications

Licensed Practical Nurse Education and Qualifications
Graduate from an approved practical nursing program, LPN program
BLS certification
State license as a Practical Nurse / Vocational Nurse – Practical Nursing License issued by the state nursing authorities
CPR certification – American Red Cross or the Heart Association
[X] years experience in [ambulatory/medical] office setting

Your LPN resume is one of the most important things that you will ever write. Your resume is the first impression that any potential employer will get of you which means that you don’t want to rush through it when you write it. You want it to be as perfect as possible and to include all of the information that will make you seem as interesting as possible to your potential future employer. Look at an LPN resume sample online to try and get an idea of what you should be writing. In fact, the more samples you look at the more likely your resume is to be perfect.